Operation Smile UPDATE!


Over the past weekend, OLN participated in an event known as Operation Smile. We have been representing this organization for 7 years and is an incredibly important foundation to us. Every year, we have a “week of smiles” event. This last weekend we went to the pre-season Tenessee Titans game vs. the Packers! We walked around the stadium talking to various people tail-gating for the game. 

We were there for a short 2 hours and raised enough money to fund 10 surgeries to children with cleft pallets. If you’re unfamiliar with Operation Smile please visit the website here:




OLN now has an A+ rating on BBB!


Since being in business 2007, OLN has accomplished not only being a number one provider for their client, but also has achieved an A+ rating on BBB! We are incredibly proud of our new rating and excited to share the news with our followers.  

BBB letter grades represent the BBB’s opinion of the business. The BBB grade is based on BBB file information about the business. In some cases, a business’ grade may be lowered if the BBB does not have sufficient information about the business despite BBB requests for that information from the business.

BBB assigns letter grades from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). In some cases, BBB will not grade the business (indicated by an NR, or “No Rating”) for reasons that include insufficient information about a business or ongoing review/update of the business’ file.

BBB Business Reviews generally explain the most significant factors that raised or lowered a business’ grade.

BBB grades are not a guarantee of a business’ reliability or performance, and BBB recommends that consumers consider a business’ grade in addition to all other available information about the business. 


5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Online Dating


5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Online Dating

Online dating is notoriously frustrating, from out-of-date pictures and misrepresented bios to uncomfortable meetings where only propriety prevents you from bolting immediately. But as an entrepreneur braving the wilds of Internet matchmaking, I’ve discovered over the past few months that there are some crucial lessons we can all learn from the (sometimes painful) process. If you’re looking for the perfect match, here are five ways online dating might just sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen.

Enhancing your market research. The process of meeting people – and seeing what they’re looking for – can be an interesting reality check. What do our competitors have to offer? How do we measure up? And are there small ways we could improve or upgrade? You can’t (and shouldn’t) change your personality, but you may be able to pique a few more people’s interest if you cultivate new “product features” like an interest in visiting art galleries or going to wine tastings.

Crystallizing your value proposition. What makes you stand out? Why should someone choose you? You can probably explain this in your sleep for your product or your company – but it’s a lot harder to do it for ourselves. Filling out (often extensive) online profiles is an exercise in self-knowledge, and forces us to consider where we excel. Do you emphasize your sense of humor, or your caring nature? Your keen intellect, or your MacGyver-like adaptability? You have to get inside the head of your “customer” and figure out what they most want.

Streamlining your sales funnel. In your company, not every customer inquiry leads to a sale. Over time, you learn how to weed out bad prospects, and how to nurture good leads into satisfied long-term customers. Similarly, online dating provides enough volume so you can begin to understand what a good (or bad) prospect looks like. How can you spot them early, and either cultivate them – through good conversation and intelligent questions – or quickly get out of Dodge?

Making the ask. Sometimes – in business and in life – we’re hesitant to make a direct ask, relying instead on hints or guesses. It might spare our egos in the moment. But in the long term, it’s a disastrous strategy: years later, how would you feel if you discovered you missed out on a major contract, or a possible relationship with someone amazing, because you misunderstood the signals? Online dating teaches you to be clear and direct – and that way, at least you know for sure.

Dealing with rejection. Clearly, no one likes rejection. But any entrepreneur who succeeds 100% of the time needs to start selling to people besides Mom and Dad. Failure is an inevitable part of stretching and growing your business – and the same goes for your personal life. You’re going to find plenty of people through online dating who might seem like good prospects but somehow don’t fully recognize the quality you’re offering (like my recent date, who rushed home after an hour because she “forgot to feed the cat”). Each rejection is data you can use in the future, to tighten up your sales funnel and make better projections about who will ultimately be the right “customer” for you. But it is a numbers game, and that means you’ll face a lot more failure than success. That may seem discouraging while it’s happening. But when success comes, it’s like your startup going public – exponential returns beyond what you can possibly imagine.

Introducing our Account Rep; Ashley!


This month, we interviewed our top producing Account Representative Ashley! Ashley joined us in August of 2013 and since then has become a strong team lead and an influential part of OLN.



OLN: What is your favorite quote?
Ashley: You are writing the script of your own life; don’t like it? Change the players, change the dialogue, change the script.

OLN: Where are you from and what brought you to Nashville?
Ashley: I’m from Chattanooga and moved to Nashville in August of 2013. The opportunities and job potential seemed endless in Nashville.

OLN: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
Ashley: I went to school at ETSU in Johnson City, TN. I got my degree in Marketing Communications.

OLN: What qualities have you strengthened while working at OLN?
Ashley: My confidence in talking to new people and ability to work with all different types of people.

Q & A with the President of LNE Consulting, Julie


Originally posted on LNE Consulting, Inc.:

As a consultant, Julie is always getting asked for her advice and about her past experiences.  LNE Consulting decided to do a Q & A with Julie to get some insight on leading a team of people and being so successful.  Take a look.

LNE Consulting: What is the key to being able to successfully run a company and an organization?

Julie: I would say to surround yourself with solid, sharp, self-sufficient people who you can count on and trust on your team no matter what.  Once you have these people, delegate to them as much as possible without overwhelming them so they can grow.  This will help stretch their performance and help them to the next level in their position.  Not only will they grow, they will feel appreciated and empowered and this will help them ultimately be leading their own team of people.

LNE Consulting: What is one…

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